Did You Know? EE Programs You Need to Participate in!

Written by: Sabrina Douglas
Experiential Education Intern
Social Psychology ’15

EE has so many awesome opportunities for Social Sciences students and some of them you may not even know about! Here are 4 wonderful EE programs that you need to participate in (in no particular order):

1. Career Placements – Did you know that EE has multiple Career Placements per academic year for you to participate in? These job shadow experiences give you the opportunity to explore different career options within a particular field! First year to final year – these career placements are beneficial for everyone! Apply by Friday, November 13 for a career placement with Human Resources Services here at Mac where you will meet with professionals in various departments! Check out our website for full details! You do NOT require SOC SCI 2EL0 to participate.

2. Undergraduate Student Research Awards – Are you thinking about grad school or considering a career that involves research? You need to apply for the 2016 Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA)! As a Social Sciences student, you can apply to receive $6,500 to cover a full-time research experience over the summer. Register now on OSCARplus for the USRA Information Session on November 18 and learn more!

ALSO, don’t miss the USRA Poster Session – learn more about the USRA from the 2015 recipients, ask them your questions about the research and application process, and see their completed research projects on display! Drop in on Thursday, November 12 between 2-4pm at CIBC Hall for the poster session!

3. Student-Initiated Internships – Did you know that you can have your job noted on your official student transcript as an internship? That’s pretty amazing! I’m sure many of you are aware of our internship program and for those of you who have completed SOC SCI 2EL0, you will get e-mails about our EE Cultivated Internships that are posted on OSCARplus. But, if you are currently working at a job right now that you would like to have noted on your official student transcript, you can do that too – as long as you meet our internship eligibility criteria. Check it out here!

4. Student Experience Grants – Did you know that you can apply for up to $1,500 to have a cool experiential learning opportunity? How awesome is that?! Want to volunteer abroad? Interested in engaging in independent research? Thinking about attending a particular experiential workshop or presenting at a conference? You need to apply for a Student Experience Grant – take advantage of this opportunity! There are three deadlines coming up in the winter term.

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